Eco Cubs Cups - set of 4

Eco Cubs Cups - set of 4

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The EcoCubs Original Cup Set includes:

  • Four tumbler cups in two colours (2 of each colour)- measuring 10cm x 8.5cm 

ECOCUBS products are proudly 100% plant-based. Made through unique technology, their range is made with bamboo powder and then formed together using corn starch as a binder. Any decals are printed on to the products using soybean dyes.

ECOCUBS products are proudly designed on the South Coast of NSW.

Their goal it is to find sustainable ways forward for the health of both people and the planet!

 Care Instructions

These are dishwasher-safe! Please wash before first use.

Sometimes these products appear to have a dust-like coating when first out of their packaging. This is a non-harmful plant residue from the manufacturing process and will wash off.


The EcoCubs Original dinnerware products are safe to be used for short bursts in the microwave. However, as they are made of the same ingredients as your food (both plant-based!) they can become hot in the same way! So always exercise caution- protective wear & no longer than 1 minute microwave time MAX recommended.