Rose Quartz Double Terminated Small Wand

Rose Quartz Double Terminated Small Wand



Unconditional love and peace. Purifies heart, calms and reassumes. Attracts love to you and from you. Brings self-love and acceptance. Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache. Comforts grief. Encourages self-forgiveness and trust. Working on the divine feminine, fertility issues and especially stress-related problems. One of the exceptional crystals that work so well with children promote feelings of self-love. Rose quartz may be used to balance emotional health, release emotional blockages, and balance other chakras

Double terminated crystals have a single point at each end, formed naturally or through cutting and polishing. Their energy flows both ways taking energy in at one point, transmuting it, and emanating it at the other point.


Please note

Due to the nature of crystals, each piece is wonderfully unique and it might have slight differences and variations in colour, size, and shape - which will not affect in any way its quality and properties.


All crystal properties are based on metaphysical beliefs, and should not be used as a substitute for medical care.