Sign - When life is Ruff Hug a dog

Sign - When life is Ruff Hug a dog

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Made of wood, the frameless freestanding display can be propped up on your table, or on a shelf as its wide sides will allow it to balance well. The wood coloured backdrop allows the printed words to be seen with ease. It says what your heart would like to express-in the simplest possible words-the most honest of confessions of love! When Life is rough-hug a dog!

After a rough day at work, when you come back to the tail wagging at your arrival, what more than a gratitude fills your heart. The sign board will be a perfect present for someone whose love for dogs is as profound as the words on the board. And if you happen to be one such dog lover, add this to your space -it almost feels like wearing your heart on your sleeve.

  • Size: 12.5x4x18cm